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The 11Eleven Project is an incredible fusion of art and life, bringing people together for peace and compassion. The project shows the challenges, thrills and joys experienced by all of humanity in the same day.
On 11th of the 11th 2011, the 11Eleven Project invited the entire human population to submit footage, audio, text and photographic material capturing a day in the life of their world. The event resulted in one of the biggest collaborative art events in history.
Submissions were received from 179 countries showcasing a variety of human experiences.
These various materials will be used as the ingredients of a feature length documentary film, which will premiere at multiple locations around the world with free-to-attend, global screenings on November 11, 2012 (11/11/12).
The 11Eleven Project team are all talented film production professionals who have worked previously at esteemed establishments including the BBC, Sony Music, Sydney Opera House, ABC, Channels 7, 9 and 10.
Currently the team is working non-stop in order to filter and edit the content submitted by the participants so that it can be shared with the world. A global collaboration cannot happen without support and this is why we are turning to you.
Profits from the 11Eleven Project film and other initiatives will go to support a variety of charities, including Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, The Hunger Project and Opportunity International.
Please find enclosed a small taster of our movie, which we believe is a suitable illustration of what the project is all about.
Help us elevate the stories of our fellow human beings,
celebrating in the truest sense of the concept of ‘by the people, for the people’.
Support us through Indiegogo and benefit from some of the perks we’ve got on offer!
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